waste water treatment


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what is waste water treatment

Wastewater sources may be sanitary wastewater produced from human daily consumption or it could be industrial wastewater produced from water consumed in different industries. The industrial wastewater quality will vary depending on the type of industry.

industrial waste water treatment

Industrial sites consume a large amount of water and generate high contaminant load wastewater in the producing process which typically has high amount of COD, oil and grease content. In addition, the wastewater of some industrial plant is consist of chemical composition such as paint, hydrocarbons, aromatic and phenol compounds, and heavy metals like copper, cadmium, silver, mercury, chromium, and nickel. Generally, common industrial wastewater treatment processes can be divided into two categories

Waste Water Treatment

Activated sludge and aerobic process are used for municipal wastewater treatment. It can be included EAAS، MBBR، A2O، SBR, and MBR.

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